M. Bacca Bah promeut la diversité des langues

L'anglais et le pulaar à l'honneur

100 8627L'unité dans la diversité, tel est le slogan brandi par les bonnes gens. Aussi sunumbir décide-t-il de promouvoir d'autres langues. Nous vous proposons deux poémes de Bacca Bah : l'un est en anglais, l'autre en pulaar. Trés bonne lecture.

Mind Colonial Legacy

We’ve been so long walking in the night

Now, we’ve seen the light

So we must stand up for our right

For it we’ll forever fight

Even if they’re holding us too tight

To make us lose our sight.


Don’t be afraid of their might

It’s just like a night

No matter how long it’ll last

Day must come at last

Remember he who owns the most

One day he might have the least


And a civilization decays today

Tomorrow another flourishes to the way

Don’t believe a word they say

That you’ve never risen from the bay

Trying to keep you at bay

Unless you’re mindful of their tricks there you’ll stay.


 Bacca Bah, writer and teacher of English at Thiaroye High School.

En pulaar : Ganndal

 Miin, mi ƴamaani debbo jooɗɗo koy,

  Kono ƴamat mi ko ganndal.

 Mo ƴami ganndal, daña pinal,

So omo nuunɗi, o moƴƴa, o moƴƴina e dental.

Miin, mi yiilaaki kaalis koy,

Kono njiilotoo mi ko ganndal.

Kaalis, aɗa rokka tan, ina ustoo e keewal,

Kono ganndal, aɗa rokka tan, ina ɓeydoo e keewal. 

Galo, maaya, yaha,  ɗacca ngalu mum caggal,

Kono ganndo maaya, nawora, ɗacca kadi caggal.

Ganndal noon wonaa jayngol e dabbunde,

Kono ina itta neɗɗo e jaangol.

Kala mo yeebii ganndal, hay so omo alɗi,

Hay gooto haɗataa mo heedde caggal.

  Bacca BAH, écrivain, professeur d’anglais, au Lycée de Thiaroye

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